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what will save you

when Heaven fails you?

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Name:Shaitan | Satan
Birthdate:Jan 19
[He is] One of three. (Unholy) Trinity.

Imagine for a moment: God creates first the Angels and His world, His realm, known to most as Heaven. Then, He creates the universe; He constructs time, space, matter, life, what you know as science. From that, He creates worlds and species and installs in them 'nature'. What is their nature; the chain of command; the rules and laws they innately abide by.

Then He creates Humankind, perhaps - I believe - out of vanity. And gives them Choice.

But for them to exercise this choice they need to have knowledge of both His Way and another Way.

So He constructs a Plan,
and Lucifer 'Falls',
and Hell is created,
and Demons are created,
and Evil is given a name.

- Level-Headed
- Contentious
- Dry & Sarcastic
- Intellectual & Diplomatic

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obligatory disclaimer: let's all be real, MM is probably Satan so this journal is probably accurate. Ok fine I'm kidding. Over 18 and all that. Not actually Manson but
possible actually Satan. Okay, not actually Satan either. Ruin all my fun why don't you.
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